Thursday, May 13, 2010

There's a woman at the gym who wears a sports bra over a regular bra.  Kinda like wearing a belt and suspenders.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, big busted women find both bras the best support. A regular support bra will keep you separated, but not keep you from bouncing, usually. A sports bra smashes you. If your breasts are larger, they just get smashed together and for some reason they are not held against your body very well. The combination of the two keeps you supported and adds the extra hold to limit the movement. Hope this gives you some understanding...although if the female wearing both bras was not very busty I have no idea why she would have worn two bras. Maybe she dressed half asleep. :)

OldRoses said...

The woman was not busty which is why I wondered why she felt that she needed to wear two bras.